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03 October 2019

Webinar: DEVO Lab HIT Radar III

Bocconi Alumni Topic Digital&Innovation is pleased to launch its third webinar to share the latest results of DEVO Lab research. The access is open to both Alumni and external members. Join us online!

3 october 2019, at 13:00-14:00
This Webinar, held in English, is organized by Topic Digital&Innovation in collaboration with DEVO Lab.

DEVO Lab HIT Radar III: a different perspective on digital transformation technologies
When the technical expertise of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) meets the organizational and strategic competence of SDA Bocconi School of Management, the result is the HIT Radar by DEVO Lab, a tool that allows to evaluate the business impacts of digital technologies. It represents a valuable and informative insight for board members involved in Digital Transformation processes, as it provides a clear framework to rationalize the complex world of digital and a top-management-focused approach to the business assessment of technologies. We are proud to launch this third webinar, where the research team from DEVO Lab will share with the community the result of the last publicly shareable HIT Radar in order to understand which are the breakthrough-technologies we should look at.


13.00 Opening
"DEVO Lab HIT Radar III: a different perspective on digital transformation technologies"
Prof. Severino Meregalli – Senior Lecturer SDA - Scientific Coordinator Devo Lab

13.45 Q&A

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