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15 November 2018

Webinar - Built Environment Digital Transformation

A new webinar to explore the risks and the opportunities of the Building Information Modeling process. Join us online!

15 november 2018, at 12.50 - 14.00
This Webinar, held in English, is organized by Topic Digital & Innovation in collaboration with Topic Sustainability

"Built Environment Digital Transformation"
Lorenzo Nissim will explain to us the digital transformation the industry is facing during our time. From an economic point of view he will provide an answer to the following question: What is all about? What are the expected benefits of this revolution? What are the new market opportunity?
Isabella Goldmann will speak about the opportunities and risks of the BIM approach in the real estate management, like BIM as a collaborative process, the role of the different actors in the process and their different knowledge of the tool, the crucial owners’ contribution to the process,  the risks of an inaccurate management of the BIM process, and finally the huge economic opportunities of a proper and collaborative BIM process managed towards a win-win result.


12.50 Opening
Marco Troglia, Topic Digital & Innovation

13.05 Webinar: Built Environment Digital Transformation
Lorenzo Nissim, Vice Chairman of the Institute of Building Information Modeling - Italy 
Isabella Goldmann, Topic Sustainability

13.45 Q&A

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For more information, please write to us at: topic-innovation@bocconialumni.it

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12:50 - 14:00
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