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28 February 2018

Biometrics and digital transformation: myth and reality

BAA Innovation & Digital Transformation is pleased to launch its second webinar on Biometrics. A special insight on functions, issues and false myths of biometric authentication and virtual identity. Join us online!

28 February 2018, at 13:00-14:00
Webinar organized by BAA Topic Innovation & Digital Transformation.

"Biometrics and digital transformation: myth and reality"
Biometric authentication is now part of our daily life: we activate our smartphone using fingerprint and face recognition, we pay with just one click, we use it to enter banks and other secure locations. But do we really know how biometrics works? Where the biometric templates are stored and who is controlling them? What happens if I lose my smartphone? And what about personal data protection?
Biometrics affects both consumers and businesses. With the aim of improving the user experience, many businesses are in fact embedding vendors’ biometric solutions into their services. Are they pursuing a good marketing strategy or an easy extension of their customer base? Yona Flink will try to answer all these questions thanks to his deep knowledge of biometrics gained in the last forty years in many turnkey projects in Israel and abroad.


13.00 Opening
Marco Troglia, BAA Topic Innovation & Digital Transformation

13.05 Webinar: "Biometrics and digital transformation: myth and reality"
Yona Flink, CEO & Founder, Optisec, Tel Aviv, Israel

13.45 Q&A

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