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27 March 2018

Virtual Reality and Real Business

Come and see how Baker Hughes (a GE company) makes the most of AR & VR for training and communications, Brave Potions converts young patients into "hospital fans" and Mattia Michelangeli helps surgery students to develop their surgery skills. Join us at the University or via streaming!

27 March 2018, at 18.30-20.30
Università Bocconi, via Röntgen 1 - Room AS03 (Floor basement)
This event, held in English, is organized by BAA Topic Innovation & Digital Transformation.


18.15 Registration

18.30 Welcome & Opening
Gianluca Colombo, Topic Leader BAA Innovation & Digital Transformation

18:35 Introduction
Prof. Gianluca Salviotti - SDA Bocconi

18.45 The Proof of Value (POV) by the VR/AR Expert & Entrepreneur
Mattia Michelangeli – VR/AR Expert & Entrepreneur
Carlo Spellucci - Expert in Innovation

19.00 The POV by the startup
Alberto Piras – founder and CEO of Brave Potions, creator of the "Super Power" A/R App 

19.15 The POV by the corporation
Daniele Porciani – Digital Sales Manager Baker Hughes, a GE company

19.30 Q&A

19.45 Conclusions and Take Away
Prof. Gianluca Salviotti - SDA Bocconi

20.00 Feel the experience and try VR/AR 
Matteo Cavalieri - Founder Immersio

Do you feel like enjoying a virtual experience? Two virtual machines and a few AR/AR visors will be made available to the conference participants before and after the AR/VR event. 
Such exciting experiences are offered by Immersio (https://immersio.eu).

Register now! 
The event is open to anyone, participation is free, but registration is required. Register now by clicking the blue button in the upper right-hand corner, to join us at the University or to follow the live streaming of the event.

For more information, please write to us at: 

We look forward to seeing you with your friends and colleagues!

Registration Deadline: 26/03/2018 23:00
18:30 - 21:00
Milano, Via Roentgen 1
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