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21 April 2016

Fintech Revolution: a new industry?

21 Aprile - A big change which started several years ago around the globe. All over the world they can point out several attempts to redesign the financial world, exploiting new technologies and analytical methods. Free event, open to everyone.

21 April 2016, at 17:45-20:00
Università Bocconi Room N01, piazza Sraffa 13
This event is organized by Merit Award Scholarship Alumni in collaboration with BAA Chief Financial Officers and Innovation & Technology Topic Groups.

"Fintech Revolution - what does it mean to shape a new industry?"

Fintech revolution has started several years ago around the globe. All over the world we can point out several attempts to redesign the financial world exploiting new technologies and analytical methods in order to provide new services, analyze risk differently and more effectively, be more efficient in processes.
We have been seeing innovation in the payments space, in the lending world and in the wealth management domain. Fintech means already a lot to the financial system of many countries, in the US stands out as 2% of the financial system, in UK as almost 1.5% and in Continental Europe as almost 0.5%.
Interestingly China stands out with 12%.
Italy is lagging behind in this revolution but since last year many ventures are emerging.

A panel of distinguished members of the Italian financial services community will summarize and comment the most significant elements of the Fintech Revolution.
How the Italian fintech industry will look like? How will position compared to international practices? How incumbent players are reacting? To what extent is fintech able to attract best talents (not only bright finance minds but also technology stars)? What is the perspective of regulators and supervisors on the industry? 


Stefano Caselli, Vice Rector for International Affairs and Full Professor Department of Finance, Università Bocconi

Raffaele Mauro, Managing Director, Endeavor Italia
Christian Miccoli, Co-founder, Conio Inc.
Francesco Minelli, Commercial Marketing and Communication Director, Banca Leonardo
Ignazio Rocco di Torrepadula, Founder and CEO, Instapartners 
Pietro Sella, CEO, Gruppo Banca Sella

Alberto Dell'Acqua, Corporate Finance Master Director, SDA Bocconi

A light cocktail will follow.

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Registration Deadline: 21/04/2016 15:00
17:45 - 20:00
Milano, piazza Sraffa 13
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