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14 February 2017

Be relevant! The Art of Customer Experience

Research shows that creating unique experiences on an ongoing basis is the key to build long-term customer relationships. We will explore the correlation between Customer Experience and development of customer loyalty thanks to several experts and leaders in the sector with a vocation to digital.

14 February 2017, at 18:00-19:45
Università Bocconi, via Roentgen 1 - Room S02
This event, held in Italian, is organized by BAA Topic Innovation & Digital Transformation.

"BE RELEVANT! The Art of Customer Experience"
The most successful businesses are persuasive and personal because they know that customers expect an experience to be "remarkable". The audience wants brand experiences to be uniform, significant and enjoyable regardless of the channel (phone, tablet, web, social, virtual reality). You do not need to be everywhere, but wherever the customer is. During this event we will explore how Customer Experience Management has been applied by some of the most innovative companies in the country, be it "digital natives" and "digital immigrants".


17:45 Registration

18:00 Welcome speech
Gianluca Colombo - Topic Leader Innovation & Digital Transformation

The Art of Customer Experience
Prof. Severino Meregalli - SDA Bocconi
Management Information Systems e Scientific Coordinator DEVO Lab

18:20 Big data in Action: from complexity to opportunity
Guido Mazzoccola - Audience Business Director, Nielsen

18:35 How to stand in the Micro-Moment era
Gaetano De Benedetto - Senior Sales Manager, Google Analytics 360

18:50 The digital value proposition
Marco De Biasi - Director, Deloitte Digital

19:05 Business Case: MSC Crociere (digital immigrant)
Luca Pronzati - Chief Business Innovation Officer, MSC Crociere

Business Case: MutuiOnLine (digital native)
Alessandro Fracassi - CEO, Gruppo MOL

19:35 Wrap-up and closing remarks
Prof. Severino Meregalli - SDA Bocconi

19:45 Conclusion

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Registration Deadline: 13/02/2017 14:00
18:00 - 19:45
Via Roentgen 1, Milan
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